Simple Assembly and Hand Packaging

COI provides a variety of Simple Assembly and Hand Packaging services to improve your business.

Often it may be effective to outsource these assembly tasks rather than provide them for your business in-house. COI will partner with your business to provide these services reliably and on-time while providing valuable work experience for COI Clients.

Our Simple Assembly services include:

  • Securing lids on various size jars
  • Making leather care kits
  • Folding corner pads for packaging furniture
  • Separating IV bags
  • Affixing trim clips to tape to be used in assembly line
  • Straightening labels for clothing
  • Attaching washers to levelers for cases
  • Assembling cardboard cartons
  • Label and fill pumice stone powder for polishing and refinishing furniture
  • Assembling edge pads and support boxes for packaging furniture
  • Labeling market sample swatches for upholstery
  • Caldwell Opportunities produces a number of Hand Assembly products

Our Hand Packaging services include:

  • Packaging upholstery needles and felt tip replacements for furniture
  • Packaging furniture refinishing kits
  • Micro mesh kits for refinishing furniture
  • Packaging gauze for medical care for soldiers
  • Stringing silicone and packaging gun sacks

What can COI assemble or package for your business?

To learn more about our Simple Assembly and Hand Packaging services, fill in our contact form call (828)757-5680.

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