COI is a recycling specialist. 

Reclaiming previously used material reduces the amount of material that would eventually end up in landfills and also reduces the carbon footprint required to recreate these same products.

COI currently recycles plastics in the form of IV bags and other plastic products. Once received the products are stripped of connections and/or tubing. The remaining plastic sheets are then sorted to separate printed from non-printed plastic which is then pressure baled.

Bales of recycled materials are then warehoused until shipment to manufacturers for use in creating new products.

In addition to sheet plastic, COI recycles a number of other materials such as:

  • COI provides plastic recycling services
  • Cutting and baling yarn from spools
  • Collecting and banding recycled cardboard
  • Baling upholstery scraps for resale
  • Repairing cones from thread for resale
  • Plastic chips are melted down to mold for various auto parts

 Contract recycling work is available in conjunction with local and regional businesses and gives program participants the opportunity to develop prevocational skills while being paid according to strict guidelines of wage and hour laws.

As the COI recycling program is growing, we may be able to provide recycling services for additional materials and byproducts. Please contact us to discuss additional recycling services not shown here.

To learn more about our Recycling services, fill in our contact form at right or call (828)757-5680

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