(LTCS) Long Term Community Supports Program

Long Term Community Supports Program (LTCS)

The LTCS program is a Medicaid funded day program for adults with intellectual developmental disabilities.  This program provides organized developmental activities designed to prepare the individual to live as independently as possible by offering a variety of specific services and activities.  These include paid work, development of personal and community living skills and adult basic education.  Each individual will participate in these activities based on their needs and interests outlined in their person centered plan. 

To be eligible for LTCS individuals must be 22 years of age, have a diagnosed intellectual developmental disability, have active Medicaid, care for their own personal needs and self-medicate if necessary, not be a threat to the health and safety of themselves or others and be willing to participate and benefit from the program.

All participants must meet the requirements of the Workforce Innovations and Opportunity Act (WIOA) through North Carolina Department of Vocational Rehabilitation before entering COI. 

Caldwell Opportunities currently has participants who are provided training in appropriate work behavior, such as punctuality, attention to detail, following directions, following safety rules, following program rules, staying on task, getting along with others, managing emotions, communication, etc.  Each participant has a Person-Centered Plan which is individualized to that person’s needs and identifies support needs and goals for improvement in life skills.

Some of the activities in which our ADVP consumers participate are listed below:

  • Classes - Some of the skill building areas addressed in the classes are independent and daily living skills; functional math; functional literacy; healthy living through exercise and healthy eating; socialization; communication; and computer skills.  Participants may develop skills by using computer programs, workbooks, worksheets, educational games, community outings related to class content, reading the newspaper together and discussing current events, and other group activities.
  • Community Outings to JE Broyhill Civic Center for cultural events, local festivals and parks, which encourage integration in the community and provide opportunities to develop socialization and independent living skills, as well as special annual events sponsored by Sim’s BBQ, the Marion Moose Lodge, and the North Carolina Forestry Service.
  • Safety Committee - Our safety committee is a rotating committee of LTCS program participants who do a safety walk-through each month and monitor our facility for safety hazard, such as blocked walkways, burned out exit lights, barriers in front of fire extinguishers, and unsafe conditions on the work floor.  They also check the first aid boxes in our vans and in the facility to ensure that they are properly stocked.  The committee has a formal meeting quarterly to review their findings, discuss solutions for problems, and provide input for our monthly safety meetings.
  • Contract Work is available in conjunction with local businesses and gives LTCS participants the opportunity to develop prevocational skills while being paid according to strict guidelines of Wage-And-Hour laws.

Some of the types of work completed by our participants are as follows:

  • Simple Assembly - Securing lids on various size jars, making leather care kits, folding corner pads for packaging furniture, separating IV bags, affixing trim clips to tape to be used in assembly lines, straightening labels for clothing, attaching washers to levelers for cases, assembling cardboard cartons, label and fill pumice stone powder for polishing and refinishing furniture, assembling edge pads and support boxes for packaging furniture, labeling market sample swatches for upholstery.
  • Hand packaging - Packaging upholstery needles and felt tip replacements for furniture, packaging furniture refinishing kits, micro mesh kits for refinishing furniture, packaging gauze for medical care for soldiers, stringing silicone and packaging gun sacks.
  • Salvage – Cutting and baling yarn from spools;  separating, punching, and baling rubber tips from IV bags; collecting and banding recycled cardboard; baling upholstery scraps for resale; repairing cones from thread for resale.
  • Woodworking – Cutting grade stakes for surveying; cutting cardboard strips for packaging furniture; cutting lumber into various lengths for local building supply company; drilling holes in boards for local furniture companies.
  • Van Detailing - Occasionally, participants may wash and clean out the vans.
  • Grounds Maintenance - Some of our participants who enjoy the outdoors may plant flowers, weed the gardens, pick up trash from the grounds, weed eat, and/or water the plants.


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